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Insight Group

Discover the Path to Christian Character

This book contains nine sessions that will enhance people's understanding of themselves and others. It pictures life controlling problems as a downward spiral that pulls a person down, then presents the character qualities found in 2 Peter 1:3-11 as the path to Christian character. This will help prepare people for more meaningful relationships at home, work, and church and surfaces people who may otherwise never seek help. This program will also help break down the segregation of people in churches, turning "those people" and "our kind of people" into just "us".

It is recommended that everyone complete this course FIRST before moving on to other programs in the curriculum. It is foundational and beneficial to anyone.

A women's group will begin Wednesday, September 30th, 2020 @7pm at New Life Church.

A men's group will begin Saturday, October 3rd, 2020 @7pm at New Life Church.

These groups are closed to new participants after the second meeting. If you would like to participate, but will miss the cutoff, please reach out to us! We have new groups starting regularly and would be happy to get you connected in!


Free To Grow Group

Overcoming Setbacks & Disappointments

This book contains twelve sessions that help participants move beyond setbacks and problems that hinder their spiritual development. It shows the path to growth in Christ and how our lives are shaped by our experiences in early life. It also shows that our emotional and spiritual development is often hindered by rejection which manifests itself in many forms.

Prerequisite: Insight Group

This group is the next recommended step once you have completed an Insight group.

Completely Free!

A Group Study of Romans 1-8 & 12

This book contains thirteen sessions that help Christians find a new appreciation for their life in Christ. It explains the message of salvation as presented in Romans and how an understanding of Romans has launched spiritual renewal throughout the history of the Church. Applying the truths found in Romans will transform any believer into a person eager to follow God's will.

This group is open to everyone, even if they have not taken Insight yet.


Other Programs Available From Living Free™

Stepping Into Freedom - A Christ Centered Twelve Step Program

Concerned Person's Group - Because We Need Each Other

Seeing Yourself In God's Image - Overcoming Anorexia & Bullimia

Lessons Learned - Moving From Homosexuality To Holiness

Crossroads - Choosing The Road To Sexual Purity

Anger: Our Master or Our Servant - Creative Use Of A Powerful Emotion

Understanding Depression - Overcoming Despair Through Christ

Handling Loss & Grief - How To Face Losses In Life & Grieve Christianly

Facing Fear, Finding Faith

Coping With The Losses Of Life

Peacemaking - Responding to Conflict Biblically

The Single Christian - Living As One In A World Of Twos

Committed Couples - God's Plan For Marriage & Family

Restoring Families - Overcoming Abusive Relationships Through Christ

Godly Parenting - Parenting Skills At Each Stage Of Growth

Caregiving - Caring For Aging Parents

One Nation Under God - Toward Race Reconciliation

Where Is The Image Of God In You? - Expressing Character Traits In Godly Ways

Authentic Living - In An Artificial World

A Passionate Pursuit Of God - Drawing Nearer To Him

Godly Heroes - A Small Group Study of Hebrews 11

Knowing God My Father - Applying The Names Of God To My Personal Life

The Ten Commandments - Applying The Foundations Of Living To My Personal Life

Youth Programs

Insight Group - Empowering Kids For Life (ages 8-11)

Growing Seasons - Helping Children Heal From Divorce & Other Lessons (ages 4-12)

Godly Heroes, Youth Edition - Small Group Study of Hebrews 11 (ages 12-18)

Insight Group, Youth Edition - Discover The Path To Christian Character (ages 12-18)

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